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 8 Mother Nature Movements For Knee Longevity  

How I Naturally Healed My Knee Post-Surgery... Without A Physical Therapist

And How You Can Avoid Knee Surgery All Together

What We Do 

Build BulletProof Knees


  • Going up and down stairs as freely as children
  • Returning to your sport outshining your friends
  • Car & plane travel without ache
  • Endless hours of activities with your children - pain free
  • ​A body that feels alive 

Say Goodbye to 

  • Tendonitis
  • Cartilage damage
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractors
  • Constant joint aches 

Why Trust Me 

This is me, my freshman year of college. Absolutely crushing it.  After a great season, I was stoked about improving the following year.

I decided I would improve my athleticism during the off-season. I wanted to be an All-american. I knew that if I improved my athleticism I would be able to do that.

So I began squatting like a mad-man. Deadlifting all the time. Jumping constantly with weight vests. 

Basketball was my escape. It always allowed me to stay out of trouble and have something to look forward to daily.  

I was driven by the fear of  mediocre. Anyone could lace some shoes up and play. But were you good ? Were you a high level player ? I could never stop asking myself these questions. So I trained everyday

And... this happend

Yeap... torn meniscus AND patellar tendonitis.

Surgery wasn't available until October and the season began in January. 

But the recovery process was estimated for 6 MONTHS! 

Sitting out wasn't an option. I was over 1500 miles away from home in southern California. 

I also couldn't let my teammates down. I didn't want all my hard-work to be wasted. 

Sad scrolling on instagram. I came across a man named Ben Patrick. He introduced the S3 pain free framework to me. 

He started talking about structural balance, knees over toes, and a bunch of other stuff. 

So I went all in

I quickly realized you CAN improve your athleticism. BUT

You must understand the proper way to do so. That's what the framework taught me. 

I went on to return within 3 months instead of 6 months and led my team in scoring averaging over 16.9 ppg. (click here if you don't believe me)

After that second year of junior college I received a scholarship to play at a university. (Mcpherson College)

I'm now a 10X better athlete and continue to improve each day. 

I can practice longer and harder than my competition because my knees are resilient. 

Bulletproof knees increased my quality of life on and off the court. 

My life was so impacted that I became hungry for more. 

Learning the information on a deeper level and helping others achieve similar results.

Now I'm a certified ATG Coach 

With the intent to give back by sharing everything I've learned along the way.

Helping the elderly, athletes, and every day mom and dads move inside of body that feels alive.

If you have knee pain For A Limited Time Only You can try the framework right now for free

Click Here 

Ancient Wisdom Reveals -  Elderly Are Squatting and Jumping Well into their 80's  

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The Easiest Way To Heal Your Knees From Home 

The Easiest Way To Heal Your Knees From Home 


Our Clients Love Us

Mary - 69 - Retired Nurse


My knees are so much stronger now. I can really tell a difference throughtout the day. Cooking and cleaning around the house is much easier.

James - 46 - Truck Driver


My ankle and foot had swollen like a balloon! It had gotten so bad, I was put on crutches by the doctor. I couldn't work or even get in and out of the car.  After I started working with Haven my foot strength increased in as little as two weeks. I was able to get off the crutches without any medication. 


Michelle - 22 - Server


I really wanted to grow my legs and put on more weight. My biggest fear was that my thighs wouldn't look right compared to my butt and that my stomach would get too big. I didn't want a sloppy body.  Haven showed how to grow my legs while maintaining a natural figure. 5 stars :)

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