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Primary Blog/5 Steps To A Successful Amazon FBA Launch

5 Steps To A Successful Amazon FBA Launch

Thursday, March 30, 2023

5 Steps To A Successful Amazon FBA Launch

Amazon FBA is a growing platform that allows everyday people to deliver their products to the world in almost a moment's notice. What most people don’t know is that the majority of the products sold on amazon are hosted by third party private label sellers.

That’s right.

The average Joe is making thousands of dollars per day using Jeff Bezos distribution system. 

I joined this train 3 years ago now.


I was sitting inside of my dorm room thinking. 

I knew the main thing that I loved the most was playing basketball. 

The only thing was between my classes and practice schedule I had not time to work a full-time job. 

At the time I knew a little about stocks, but understood that it took a long time to see results with that. Unless you’re a day/swing trader. 

Educated gambling wasn’t my thing and I honestly didn’t have the big bucks to start trading anyway. 

If I could only make enough money to simply cover my monthly expenses I would be fine. Thankfully as a college student they tend to be a little low especially with some simple budgeting. 

That’s when I came across an interview with a man named Joshua Crisps.

Joshua shared his story on how was initially only making $7.25 per hour and then eventually became a millionaire selling private label products on Amazon.

He had such an amazing story that it moved me enough to purchase his course. 

I had just received some money from my school and figured why not invest in myself and give it a try. 

An entire 2 months passed before I really got serious about it. 

Once I decided to actually give it a shot, I only dedicated 30 minutes per day to studying the course and taking action. 

Between June and September that 30 minutes per day ended leading to 2 products being launched and one of them selling over 1,000 units. 

Providing passive income that I used for gas money, christmas presents,and more. 

After having some initial success I doubled down and invested in even more mentorship. 

Investing in courses, masterminds, and books. 

In one year I was able to accumulate over $20,000 in sales while managing a few other amazon accounts as well. 

I launched over 9 products and learned a clear cut system that increases your chances for success when it comes to launching products via FBA. 

Here’s the 5 step process.

Step 1 : Market Research

Other sellers call it product research, but I like to search for markets. 

Markets are a group of highly relevant keywords that describe a product. 

The more keywords with high traffic, the larger the market. 

My mentor explained this to me and it made me understand the importance of finding a great market when preparing to launch a product. 

Ideally you’ll want a market with decent search volume and low competition.

Step 2 : Supplier Outreach

Also known as sourcing.

The next step is important. It’s a humbling step. 

After I’ve found a market I think looks interesting, I immediately reach out to suppliers to make sure I can afford the product cost in its raw form. 

I’ll contact multiple ones to find the absolute best price. 

If the cogs for a bulk order, say 500-1000 units fits within my budget I’ll proceed to the next step. 

If not, I’ll pass on it and go on to the next market.

Step 3 : Find The Gem 

The amount of effort you put into this step will ultimately determine your freedom.

I call it finding the gem because you’ll be going through reviews to see how the current products aren’t serving the marketplace in the best way possible. 

The gold is in the 3 and 4 star reviews. 

Oftentimes they’ll share what they like and don’t like.  

Here is where you practice the strategy of preeminence which was first coined by marketing master Jay Abraham. 

It states that as a business owner it is your obligation to do everything for the sincere benefit of the client or end customer. 

Finding out where your target customers aren’t being fulfilled will allow you to add tremendous value to the marketplace, charge higher prices, and make more money.

Step 4 : Differentiate 

Now it’s about execution and bringing things to a concrete vision. 

You’ve found a market within your budget and the hidden gaps where your customers aren’t being satisfied. 

Differentiation is about standing out visually and functionally.

Think about how I can make this product look as good as an iphone and function differently so that customers can only get this end result with my brand. 

The better you are at differentiating products the more money you will make selling private label products on amazon. 

Change the color, size, bundle a product, or anything else you can think of.

You want to have a product that looks so different and beautiful that it stops people mid scroll and forces them to click your listing.

Step 5 : Test

Learning this step was a game changer for me.

One of the first products I launched, I dove right in and ordered 252 units.

Rookie mistake. 

I had no idea or proof of concept. 

You can never know for sure if the market will like your offer until you give it to them

That’s why testing is an essential part to your business. 

When testing you only order 20-100 units and send them in to amazon to get some real data behind your idea. 

If you're making great sales and ranking easy, you’ve hit a home run. 

You can confidently order 1,000 units and not lose sleep at night. 

It saves you money and stress. 

I never go all in on a product without testing first.


My amazon journey has been great thus far and I”m looking forward to continuing the growth. 

I have used this exact system to grow my personal amazon business and my clients as well. 

I promise you that taking action and implementing it will bring you the results you desire. 

I hope this adds value to your journey.

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