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Primary Blog/How To Optimize PPC Campaigns On Amazon

How To Optimize PPC Campaigns On Amazon

Thursday, March 30, 2023

How To Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

If you had to master any skill when it comes to selling on Amazon, PPC would be at the top of your list. I would argue that it’s maybe not the most important, but important nonetheless. I think often sellers make PPC seem much more complicated than it is. In comparison it’s much easier than Facebook Ads or Tiktok. Let me tell you why.

What You Need To Understand

Selling and running advertisements on Amazon is drastically different from an etsy shop or your dropshipping store. The number one thing to understand is that Amazon is search based marketing. I first learned the term in Traffic Secrets, from the great Russel Brunson. Search based marketing means that you’re marketing to customers who already are looking for what you have to offer. People are literally typing in keywords to buy what you’re selling! How cool ? 

(thank you Jeff Bezos) 

On the other hand, facebook ads, tiktok, instagram, and every other social media ad campaigns are interruption marketing. Meaning that I have to interrupt you in the middle of your scroll with an ad to get you to click and buy my stuff. It’s much harder to do this form of marketing because you really have to understand your customer and their pain points. 

So mastering PPC is all about targeting the right keywords (finding out what people are typing in to buy what I’m selling) & then making sure Amazon only displays you for that. 

Simple right ? 

I personally use Helium10 for keyword research, but as a beginner I used JungleScout..

Optimizing PPC

When you’re optimizing ppc don’t be like everyone else. Everyone’s usually in a hurry to change this & change that, and they're wrong. Amazon’s algorithm usually has a minimum 24 hour delay on its data. So going in and changing things too early can be detrimental. 

You have to give your campaigns time to run and collect data. Once you have your data, you’re in the ball game. Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t. 

Here are the important data points that you want to track daily

PPC Spend



Ad Sales

Total Sales


Unit Session Percentage

As an amazon seller you want to have these numbers tracked daily! You can use a spreadsheet or write them down. Whatever works best for you. 

These are the numbers that will tell you everything about your products and your business. If you have a low conversion rate, you’re going to want to optimize some bullet points or change your photos around.

Evolve Media is a recommended source for photos, videos, and A+ content.

If you’re not getting enough sessions, increase the bids on your ppc or add a few more keywords to your exact match campaigns. 

Lastly, every 7 days please run a report on the previous week. Any keywords that have more than 10 clicks with 0 sales cut them off immediately!

The Secret To An Instant Lower Acos On Amazon

Alright, now I’ll share what’s been a game changer for me and my business selling on Amazon. It’s helped me lower my Acos, increase my profitability and increase my revenue by thousands of dollars. 

The secret is… Negatives


Understanding negative targeting will be the biggest leverage you can add to your business. 

There’s two types. 

Negative Phrase. Negative Exact.

So for example say I have a broad match campaign running for the product ‘fidget spinner’ and I am targeting the following 3 keywords in the broad match

Fidget spinner

Fidget spinner for kids

Fidget spinner with lights

Keep in mind a broad campaign is used to find different customer search terms that we can take and add to our exact campaign if they generate sales. As long as the customer search term has any of the words I put in to target, I can be displayed.

If my fidget spinner is red. Yet if a customer searches for “blue fidget spinner” my listing will still be displayed and amazon will still charge me for a click. I can never convert that customer because he isn’t looking for what I am buying! 

Negatives allow you to tell amazon not to show my listing for irrelevant customer search terms. 

Once I place “blue” as a negative phrase into my broad match campaign, amazon will no longer show my listing for any customer search terms with the word “blue.” 

So overtime you have a campaign that never wastes money and only shows your listing to relevant customer search terms. 

I hope this adds value to you and your journey. Take action.

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